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Logo "Titan" has a clear geometric form and represents the combined trademark with the individual configuration of letter name of the company and figurative elements, the characteristic image of the company.
Three graphic elements around the initial letters logo symbolize a multidisciplinary group of companies. Visual elements - this is different spheres of activity of companies, group companies, their hierarchy, relationship and role in addressing global challenges group. Fields of activity of enterprises are different. There are key, there are auxiliary. But, nevertheless, they are all equally important to achieving the overall objective of the Group of companies. This is reflected in the visual element of the logo. The original plastic liter, figurative elements and the main color scheme logo are the key moments in the formation of the corporate identity of the Group of companies.
Logo "Titan" has a modern laconic performance, and can easily be played as advertising panels, and when you make a business enterprise documents, members of the Group companies.



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Phones: +7 (3812) 29-95-55, 35-69-31
Fax: +7 (3812) 35-69-32
Address: 644035, Russia, Omsk 22, Gubkin str.
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