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The exposition of GC "Titan" was opened in the Museum of Sports History of Omsk region

3 October 2017

The exposition of GC "Titan" which represents culturally educational composition of the history and science was opened in the Museum of Omsk sports. GC "Titan" became the first company that has opened its stand in the Museum.

The exposition which entitled "Chemistry of Victories" includes items of pride of the employees of GC "Titan" enterprises – cups and certificates of honor for taking part in a not only regional level competitions, but also all-Russian since 1960th. The exhibition also presents trophies of nonprofessional hockey players which were won in the championship of Night Hockey League, GTO merit badges, medals for winning places in sambo, kick-boxing and football competitions.

The exposition demonstrates not only the company success, but also allows to find out more about the role of chemistry industry in a big sport through the example of hockey kit that is exhibited in the museum. So, for example, goalkeeper's helmet is made of polypropylene, lexan and polyvinyl chloride. Such materials, on the one hand, are very light and, on the other hand, increase the safety of a hockey player. The Museum visitors can find more interesting facts about "Chemistry of Victories" from the brochure of the same name which was designed by GC "Titan" jointly with the Russian Union of Chemists and partner enterprises. This brochure is also presented among the exhibits.

One of the most significant awards among the exhibits of GC "Titan" is the cup for the first place at the rally "Gold Autumn" which was won by the tourists of the plant "Omskykauchuk" exactly 50 years ago in 1967.

"Tourism, like sports in general, developed at a high rate, and this cup is an additional confirmation that the plant employees achieved high results not only in the production. It was pleasant to see simple hockey pucks at the exhibition, as our plant is engaged in the production of material for such pucks", - noted VadimirAlexandrov, the member of tourist team in 1967, former operator of the E-2 rubber workshop, and at the present time, the veteran of the plant. He visited the Museum together with other veterans of "Omskykauchuk" PJSC. 43 employees of the enterprise who are in retirement have become the first visitors of the new exhibition.

It should be noted that in different years the plant tourist section prepared more than 600 rated sportsman, two Candidates Master of Sports and two Masters of Sports and almost 1000 owners of the badge "Tourist of the USSR". The football team "Kauchuk" twice became champion of Omsk (1973, 1980), twice silver medalist (1970, 1972) and twice bronze medalist (1985, 1993) of the city championship. It also won five times in the tournament for prizes of the newspaper "Omskayapravda" (1965, 1972, 1982, 1989, 1990). In 1979 volleyball players of the plant became silver medalists of large competitions for the championship of All-Union Central Soviet of Trade Unions. Volleyball team took part in the international tournament in Federal Republic of Germany in 1981. The plant "Omskykauchuk" is also closely connected with the history of "Avangard" teamthat is also reflected in the exposition.


In October, the one of the largest petrochemical enterprises of Omsk region – "Omskykauchuk" PJSC will celebrate the 55th anniversary.

The excursion for those who started the plant and worked for the benefit of Omsk industry over the decades has become one of the celebration stages. 

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