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Countdown to the celebration of the jubilee of "Omsky kauchuk" plant was started

31 August 2017

On August 31, employees and veterans of the plant "Omskykauchuk" prepared a dance greeting under the slogan "Different generations – common success". The event with participation of hundreds of employees and guests passed exactly 55 days before the 55th anniversary of the enterprise.

The festive program was opened by a solemn meeting where Nikolay Komarov – General Director of "Omskykauchuk" PJSC, representatives of the management company and the plant veterans took part; also, young employees gave a solemn oath.

"Today's event is very important for uniting the collective, for educating the youth in the spirit of dedication to the plant and the succession of generations, because there were invited those who built the plant and those who are working now, - said NikolayKomarov.The mutual contact of generations gives rise to a collective and allows solving the tasks that are facing the plant. In each workshop young employees know that they have experienced tutors who perfectly master the technological process. Veterans, in turn, feel that they have energy support. It unites and helps to work better."

Participants and guests of the flashmob were presented the awards: the best young employees of the plant – the winners of professional competitions, the honored veterans of the production carried flags, diplomas and cups which were won by a collective of the enterprise for all the time of work. The oldest award is the cup for 1 place was won at the regional tourist tournament "Golden autumn" – it was exactly 50 years ago. Also the plant employees saw industrial and social awards that had become a milestone events in the plant history: the certificate of assigning of quality mark to alphamethylstyrene, the international prize "Golden Mercury", the gold medal of the contest "The best rubbers, industrial-rubber materials and products made from them" and many others.

The dance flashmob became a highlight of the event: 55 employees and veterans of the plant "Omsky kauchuk" performed a dance under the fiery hit of Polina Gagarina "Dance with me." At the end of the event, the participants and guests let hundreds of air balloons to the sky.

Maria Ivanovna Petrova, who had been working at the plant"Omskykauchuk" for more than 30 years, shared her impressions about the event: "The mood is festive, lyrical and today I want to sing, dance and wish everyone nothing but welfare and peace.The dance was easy to teach, I always participated in all events, I even have the certificates of participation in the sports life of the plant. I wish the plant to develop new capacities, produce new grades of rubbers, as well as health and well-being. "

The plant "Omsky kauchuk" celebrates its birthday on October 24. On this day in 1962 the first rubber briquette of SKMS-30 ARKM gradewas produced, and the director of the enterprise Alexander Davydovich Sverdlov made a report about the plant start-up.

Today, "Omsky kauchuk" PJSC occupies one of the leading positions among Russian producers of synthetic rubber - its capacity accounts for about one-third of the Russian market of SKMS rubbers. In addition, the plant accounts for 25% of the domestic market of high-octane fuel additives - MTBE.

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