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Feed mill of GC ‘Titan’ produced an experimental feed for cattle

30 August 2017
Feed mill "Pushkinsky" (separate subdivision of "Titan-Agro" Ltd.), "Tselinnoe" OJSC, located in Russko-Polyanskiy district and Austrian company«Agrar production & consulting» concluded the tripartite cooperation agreement.

Within the framework of the agreement, the feed mill "Pushkinsky" has started producing 4 experimental grades of feed for cattle.Such new product is produced by order for livestock farms of "Tselinnoe"OJSCin the amount of 700 tons.The formulation of compound feeds was developed by a specialists of the Austrian company "Agrar production & consulting", which is also the producer of one of the main additives of this product.Under the project, the compound feed with this innovative mineral-based additive will be included in the diet of the cattle of "Tselinnoe"OJSC within six months. 

Upon completion of such feeding program, the necessary studies will be carried out which will allow to evaluate the effectiveness of the new feed.In particular, the specialists of "Agrar production & consulting" and "Tselinnoe" will analyze the achieved milk yields, conduct blood sampling and analysis, and also check milk for a number of important indicators, including fat content.The first truck with the product of feed mill "Pushkinsky" in a volume of about 20 tons went out to the farms of "Tselinnoe" OJSC at the end of August.Supplies of the compound feeds in Russko-Polyanskiy district will continue until the end of 2017.

"The possibilities of the production lines of the plant"Pushkinsky"allowproducingthe compound feeds according to a customer formulations," commented Oleg Grabar, General Director of "Titan-Agro"Ltd. In addition, modern equipment used at the enterprise allows to achieve high homogeneity (uniformity) of the compound feeds, alsoraw materials and finished productsarecarefully controlledin the unique laboratory.That's why the regional agricultural producer and the foreign company have chosen our enterprise as a partner. "


The supplier of the technological equipment for the feed mill "Pushkinsky" was Swiss company "Buhler".

The laboratory of the feed mill "Pushkinsky" is equipped with more than 100 units of unique equipment that allows controlling the quality of products and raw materials (grain, protein, mineral premixes, feed additives, oils, etc.) at all production stages. Among such the equipment there are high-tech devices such as atomic absorption spectrometer "NovAA 400 P" (Germany), multi-function infrared analyzer "DiodeArray 7200" (Sweden), liquid and gas chromatographs (USA) and others.

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