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The plant "Omsky kauchuk" received a new diagnostic equipment

19 May 2017

The repair services of "Omsky kauchuk" PJSC have successfully tested a new domestic piston compressor unit. The unit will be used to diagnose process equipment and pipelines, including equipment after being repaired.

The piston unit KP-3000/70 (Chelyabinsk) was purchased by the enterprise as part of the modernization and technical reconstruction program.Selection of the optimal configuration was carried out by the plant specialists from several domestic and foreign proposals, based on the amount of maximum overpressure created, dimension and transportation mode.The unit mass is about 1 ton, it is equipped with a control module and is capable to generate an overpressure of up to 7 MPa. In comparison with Russian and foreign analogues, the productivity of such unit is three times larger(3 m3 / min.) in spite of relatively small dimension.

The unit is equipped with a wheeled chassis and can be transported to any point of the plant without forklift trucks. The unit, which cost is more than 3 MIO rubles,was delivered to the plant in March 2017. Representative of the unit manufacturer took part in the works on its connection.

The unit also has a resource-saving effect: external air is injected during the usage of this unit, what makes possible to exclude the use for nitrogen pressurization.

KP-3000/70 will be used for testing (pressurization) of process equipment and pipelines during their diagnostic or technical inspection after repair.

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