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Laboratory of NLMP has analyzed 500 batches of finished product

31 January 2019

The industrial laboratory of NLMP Ltd. (part of GC Titan) has successfully tested finished products manufactured at the plant.

Providing an analytical control of the technological process, laboratory specialists tested more than 500 batches of products during 2018. In addition, 100 pilot samples of new recipes of lubricants, oils and process liquids were tested at the Novocherkassk plant.

Depending on the type, products are checked at once by several factors, including viscosity, density, colloidal stability, chilling and dropping point, mass fraction of alkalis, acids, water and mechanical impurities, as well as strength limits.

Checking of one quality indicator takes from 30 minutes to 2 hours. Timing of analysis is determined by various factors, including sample preparation time, time required for a device to reach full operation, time of sample thermostating, i.e. constant temperature keeping (both positive and negative).

«For example, according to the standards, the multi-purpose lubricant No. 158 produced on the basis of high quality mineral oils must contain no more than 0,03% of water. In the process of products testing for tribology using a four-ball wear test device, a wear spot that appears on the balls is measured with a microscope: a diameter of not more than 3 mm allows us to conclude that the product meets the standards, says Igor Kostyuk, General Director of NLMP.

Each sample is registered in the laboratory, each batch is numbered and laboratory technician issues quality certificate which is then transferred to a consumer along with the corresponding documentation».

Let us note that the quality of NLMP Ltd. products is determinant in the plant operation. Quality is controlled using the modern domestic equipment.

Laboratory equipment includes several dozen units of equipment and instruments, including high-precision microscopes, low-temperature liquid thermostats, pH meters, distillers, four-ball wear test devices simulating the operation of a lubricant in bearings, penetrometers, etc.

The additional control is ensured by researches of external independent expert groups. 

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