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Omsky kauchuk takes part in the development of new GOST standards

18 January 2019

Specialists of Quality Control (QC) Department and central plant laboratory of Omsky kauchuk PJSC took part in testing of ingredients for new synthetic rubber GOSTs. Such testing is one of the stages of national state standards preparation.

Work on the revision of outdated GOST standards for SKS and SKMS rubber is performed with the support of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia and is carried out on the basis of State Research Institute of Synthetic Rubber (FGUP «NIISK»).

Earlier, as part of the development of GOSTs of FGUP «NIISK», new control ingredients (accelerators, activators, sulfur, stearin) and black carbon were selected instead of those that were no longer produced in Russia. The following stage was the conducting of inter-laboratory testing of ingredients for stress-strain and vulcanizing properties.

«We, like other laboratories of enterprises producing general use rubber from Voronezh, Sterlitamak and Tolyatti, received the production samples of methyl styrene and styrene rubbers of SKMS-30-ARK and SKS-30-ARK grades, as well as the package of control ingredients for the preparation of rubber mixtures and recommendations for tests carrying out, - noted in the QC Department. We have already passed the protocols of carried tests to the organizers».

It is planned that in 2019, after statistical analysis of the results, the data obtained will be put in new GOST for the grade. In the near future, the researchers plan to conduct testing of control ingredients for oil-filled grades SKMS-30-ARKM-27 and SKS-30- ARKM-27.

It should be explained, that in order to assess the quality of rubbers, the stress-strain and vulcanizing properties are determined in a rubber mixture, which is prepared with the addition of control ingredients in the laboratories of producing enterprises. These indicators are the key for rubber processors – tyre production plants. 

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