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Products of NLMP Ltd are already presented in 5 countries of fsu and beyond

2 November 2018

Until the end of 2018, the list of export directions will be added with one more country of FSU.

Today, the products of NLMP are supplied to Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Moldavia and Mongolia. In a short time, the batch of lubricants will be delivered to Georgia.

«A range of ordered lubricants vary depending on a region of a consumer presence. In particular, the main consumers in the Republic of Belarus, where the products are supplied to consumers through the official representative in Minsk, are enterprisers serving harvesters and forwarders (equipment for forest harvestings operation)», – noted Alexey Titov, commercial director of NLMP Ltd.

Supplied lubricant materials have high tribological characteristic, are able to operate in a wide range of temperatures from -30°с to 160 °С in units with medium and high loads, as well as in conditions of high humidity and in touch with water.

Premium lubricants in cartouche packaging (polypropylene tanks with the volume of 0,4kg) are in a high demand among consumers. Application of this packaging type ensures them to be used in a lubricant injector guns, excluding swabbing in lubrication units with a putty knife. It increases the culture of equipment service and reduces material consumption under more qualitative and precise spotting.

It should be noted that since October 2017, the company has mastered the production of 100 types of products that are manufactured under high-tech technology of anhydrous welding.

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