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GC «Titan» production of methyl-tert-butylether has reached another important milestone

1 October 2018

MTBE production workshop of the plant «Omsky kauchuk» (part of GC «Titan») received the 3,5th million ton of the high-octane automotive fuel additive. Qualitative Omsk product was shipped to a Russian consumer.

Let us recall, that Group of Companies «Titan» is one of the first companies which had begun to produce methyl-tert-butyl ether in Russia. The addition of MTBE increases fuel octane number and improves its environmental characteristics having significantly reduced a content of uncomplete combustion products in vehicle emissions, including carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons of a various composition.

The ether production started in August of 1995 at «ECOOIL» enterprise that was organized for this purpose. On the basis of this enterprise, the production of high-octane additives and liquefied petroleum gases (HOA and LPG) was organized in 2011 within the structure of the plant «Omsky kauchuk». Currently, about 400 persons work at this production. During twenty-three years, these specialists have been developing MTBE production technology, having improved the product quality and reduced the environmental impact.

GC «Titan» has the largest unit capacity in the country among the plants-producers of this ether; share of GC «Titan» on the domestic MTBE market exceeds 25%. The quality of the fuel additive produced by GC «Titan» meets Russian and international standards.

The product became the winner of the federal contest program «100 best goods of Russia» five times.

Omsk MTBE is registered in accordance with the European Union Regulation on Chemicals REACH. It is supplied to a different regions of Russia: from the Leningrad region to Khabarovsk krai, as well as is exported to EU and CU countries.

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