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Implemented efficiency proposal at «Omsky kauchuk» brought a notable ecological effect

18 September 2018

Specialists of «Omsky kauchuk» PJSC and GC «Titan» JSC jointly developed and implemented an efficiency proposal aimed at reducing the resource consumption.

The main point of the efficiency proposal is to put a compressor unit for the compressed air production to an optimal operating mode due to direct air supply to an air separation unit. Employees of the nitrogenous oxygen station, the service of the main power engineer of «Omsky kauchuk» and the department for development and new technologies of GC «Titan» JSC through joint forces have developed a technology, which is able to solve his problem.

Evaluation result showed that the implemented solution had allowed to increase the efficiency of the compressor, to decrease the cost of compressed air output by almost 30% and to reduce the cost for nitrogen production.

The economic effect from the efficiency proposal implementation is about 2.5 million rubles per year.

This technical solution also has a significant ecological effect: due to the changes, about 10,000 kW of energy are saved every day, the water flow in the cooling tower is reduced, the water consumption and reagents required for its preparation are reduced.

The idea will take part in the corporate competition of proposals, which has been holding annually in GC «Titan» starting from 2014. The winners are determined by the expert commission, which includes the chief managers and leading technical specialists of the enterprises of GC "Titan", according to the following aspects: the economic effect, the possibility of implementation at other enterprises of GC «Titan», capital investments and payback periods, as well as the availability of an additional technical or other positive effects.

It is possible to successfully modernize a workshops, to systemize and accumulate a knowledges of specialists, to ensure consistently high quality of products and to master advanced technologies due to the efficiency proposals implementation. 

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