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New products of «NLMP» will increase equipment service life by 1.5 times

31 August 2018

New line of the complex lithium grease was added to the range of manufactured products, numbering 95 items of lubricant materials. In comparison with the usual lithium grease produced in accordance with GOST, the new one is notable for improved characteristics.

The new product is distinguished by the improved stay-in-place property and water-resisting property, as well as higher index of melting point, which allows such grease to be used within the temperature range from

-50 to +260°С. In addition, the performance efficiency of the new product of Novocherkassk enterprise is higher in comparison with conventional lithium greases, which makes it possible to extend the service life of operated devices by 1.5 times.

«The complex lithium greases developed by "NLMP" specialists have high anti-ageing properties and tribological characteristics, including friction, wear and tear of mechanisms. Such grease is designed for the use in such industries as railway, automotive and metallurgical. Furthermore, this type of grease is import-substituting», - noted Igor Kostyuk, the General Director of the Novocherkassk Lubricant Materials Plant.

This new brand is available both for the wholesale and for the retail consumer. For this purpose, the following packing is provided: barrels (180kg) and drum (18 kg). One third of the total scope of produced materials is assigned for a small type of packing with the capacity of 0,4 kg. 

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