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GC «Titan» supplies products to 30 countries of the world.

3 August 2018

GC «Titan» summarized the results of the export activity of the first half of 2018. The company «Titan-Inter-Trade», which is engaged in sales of GC «Titan» petrochemical products abroad, shows a stable increase of shipments quantity.

According to the results of six months of 2018, the scope of export deliveries of GC «Titan» petrochemical products increased 2.2 times compared with the same period last year. In particular export of liquefied hydrocarbon gases, isopropyl benzene and alphamethylstyrene has doubled, while export of high octane additives to motor fuels has increased four times. Synthetic rubbers, latexes and other petrochemical products were also sold outside of Russia. Export is carried out to 30 foreign countries, including Germany, the Netherlands, Poland, Finland, Turkey, India, China, the CIS countries, etc. The most remote countries of GC «Titan» petrochemical products supply are Peru and Brazil, the closest region is Kazakhstan. 

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