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«NLMP» Ltd. has started shipment of a new product type under «Titan» brand

25 July 2018

In July, Novocherkassk Lubricant Materials Plant (part of GC «Titan») shipped the first thousand tons of a process liquid under the brand «Titan».

The process liquid, produced under «Titan» brand, has been approved by a number of European companies, and will be used for drilling operations in Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug and Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug, as well as on Sakhalin Island. In addition to this type of product, Novocherkassk enterprise has mastered the production of lubricant additive «Titan-ECO» that is also used in drilling.

The process liquid, intended for hydrocarbon-based solutions, is environmentally friendly. The use of such liquid excludes equipment corrosion, formation of insoluble deposits inside a drill hole and water blocking action.

Application of the lubricant additive «Titan-ECO» allows to improve a parameters of process properties of drilling fluids, to reduce friction ratio during drilling activities, as well as to ease drilling tool movement.

The first batch of the process liquid, manufactured according to the technical specification of consumers in a scope of 1000 tons, has been already shipped to three large Russian service companies. Until the end of 2018, customers will be supplied with another 2,000 tons of products, and the total scope of deliverables for 2019 will be 15,000 tons.

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