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Details of big football: GC «Titan» launches a new educational project within the open lessons

2 July 2018

The Russian Union of Chemists, in conjunction with the country largest petrochemical companies, including GC «Titan», published a special brochure «Details of Big Football» confined to FIFA World Cup 2018 in Russia.

The new edition is devoted to the role of industry in the preparation for the world championship and tells about petrochemical products that close round players and fans. Thanks to the publication, you can learn about the equipment of players, which consists entirely of modern synthetic materials, also about functioning of the synthetic turf, and what technologies are used to create sports stadiums and many other things.

The brochure contains historical facts about the appearance of the first balls made from vulcanized rubber and the first football net for the goal. Also it contains the information about new technologies of big sport, for instance sprays, which are used by referees to indicate a place from which a ball should be put into play, and NFC chips, which allow interacting with a ball through a mobile device.

The edition of more than 3000 copies was released on the eve of World Cup play-off games that will start on June 30 in Sochi and Kazan.

In September of this year the first open lessons on the new topic "Details of big football" will be held in schools.

This is not the first experience of joint publishing activities of industrial enterprises and the Russian Union of Chemists. There have already been published the brochures «Chemistry of Sport», dedicated to the Olympic Games in Sochi, and «Myths about Chemistry» that tells about a common mistaken believes about a products made from plastic and rubber.

On the initiative of GC «Titan» the brochure «Myths about Chemistry» is also published in English, and the topic of sports chemistry was continued in the similarly-named exhibition, which is placed in the Museum of the History of Omsk Sports.

Starting from 2014, GC «Titan» has been conducting open chemistry lessons based on materials of publications in an educational institutions and public events. Every year about 700 people become the participants of educational projects: pupils of senior classes, students, representatives of the general public are among them. 

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