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Testing laboratory of the Novocherkassk enterprise of GC «Titan» was replenished with a new equipment

22 June 2018

In June, the testing laboratory of the Novocherkassk Lubricant Materials Plant (part of GC «Titan») was replenished with the new Engler viscosimeter of domestic production.

The device is designed to determine a relative viscosity of oil-products and consists of outside storage tank and inside container where a tested lubricant is filled, as well as the temperature sensor.

The operating temperature of the viscosimeter ranges from 20 to 100°С, and maximum heating temperature of the tested liquid is 110°С.

In accordance with GOST-6258, the temperature error of the equipment is more or less 0.2 ° C; this characterizes the device as highly accurate in the conditions of lubricants testing.

The purchased viscosimeter is distinguished by its operational simplicity, which makes it possible to speed up the training of a young specialists working in the laboratory.

It should be noted that the quality of products produced at "NLMP" Ltd. is the determining factor in the enterprise work.

Quality control is exercised by the testing production laboratory which has a several dozen units of modern domestic equipment, including high accuracy microscope, fluidic low-temperature thermostatic regulators, pH-analyzer, distillation unit, four-ball wear test system that simulates the operation of lubricant in bearings, consistency gage. 

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