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Mentors of «Omsky kauchuk» and students discussed the training of specialists

8 June 2018

For the first time ever, the results of the production practice of the academic year 2017-18 at the plant were summed up in the format of open discussion "Want to say!" that was organized by Human Resources Department of the enterprise.

The meeting of students of the Omsk Industrial and Economic Collegeand mentors (specialists of «Omsky kauchuk» plant) was held onthe territory of the plant office. At the event, attended by 50 people, the trainees made presentations on the new production experience and expressed their wishes for the practice organization in the future. Mentors who managed future specialists at the industrial site and taught them the finer points of the profession also gave an assessment of the work of the trainees and shared valuable advices.

The studentsplaced emphasis that the practice at the place of future work is the main event for a young employee who gets an opportunity to go deeply into the technological process. «One thing is theory, the other is a real production. Knowledges obtained at the lectures and seminars are transferred to a qualitatively new level and turns into an experiencewhen you see how the process is going on, when you observe the work of the mentors and get a knowledges from them», - assured Andrey Bashmakov, third-year student of the specialtyInstrumentation Technician.

«We were surprised that so much attention is paid to occupational health and safety matters, regulations on safety and fire safety at the plant «Omsky kauchuk». I have been convinced that this is really an important aspect of labor activity", - added Nikolay Menshikov, future process technician (specialty is «Oil and Gas Refining»).

Anna Pyatak, the head of QC department laboratory, in her comment on laboratory assistants-ecologists that had come to the practice, noted a high level of their preparation: «Guys, that do practical work at our enterprise, pass it «not for the sake of appearance». They are immersed into the work. The college prepares qualified laboratory assistants to whom we can entrust to perform a complex analysis even after a month sincethe beginning of the practice».

Summing up the event, Igor Zhelezshchikov, the deputy director on training and production work of Omsk Industrial and Economic College, stressed that such meetings make it possible to work out important steps for the successful organization and passing of production practice: «Based on the experience of students who have been practicing during the academic year, we have to prepare a references, that in the future will allow students to be taught in the college and at the enterprise at a higher level».

As a result of the discussion, the parties prepared a resolution in which they noted the directions of joint cooperation of the plant and the educational institution with the aim of improving the organization of production practices. In particular, representatives of the educational institution offered to increase the number of practice hours on average to 36 hours per week. «We have determined the vector of further cooperation taking into account the announced proposals,» emphasized Irina Tachenina, Deputy Head of Human Resources Department of «Omsky kauchuk» PJSC. - In the next academic year, such meetings will be held with the students of Omsk Industrial and Economic College and Siberian Cossack Institute of Technology and Management".

It should be added that the plant annually becomes a platform for the practice of several hundred students of higher and secondary professional educational institutions. In the course of the academic year 2017-18, 69 students from the Omsk Industrial and Economic Collegepassed the practiceat «Omsky kauchuk», and the total number of trainees compose 289 people in 24 specialties, including Instrumentation technicians, laboratory assistants, process technicians and others.

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