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New equipment was commissioned at Novocherkassk Lubricant Materials Plant

31 May 2018

Delivered in May packaging line is designed for finished product packing into containers with a capacity of 400 g and cans of 1 liter.

The line is a conveyor, which includescontainer transporter, units for packing, air preparation, labeling, putting information about the products using the thermal printer, and the conveyor of the packaged product yield.

«The line has already been assembled, - commented Igor Kostyuk, General Director of "NLMP" Ltd. – Pre-commissioning work has been done successfully, the equipment was put into operation and now operates in a normal mode. It is processed by three specialists».

The production capacity of the packaging line is 1080 units per hour.

The new equipment is used for packing the products designed to lubricate low-loaded rolling and sliding friction units, anti-friction multipurpose water-resistant lubricants and also lubricants based on a mixture of mineral oils for slide ways, gear systems and chassis components .

Products in the new packaging are easy to use and therefore widely demanded in a various industries. «We have already received an order for the export supply of the product in the new container, - says Natalia Prudnikova, Deputy General Director for Trade. – In June, oils and lubricants produced at "NLMP" will be supplied to Azerbaijan in the new containers».

It should be noted that the packaging line is produced by a domestic manufacturer specializing in packaging equipment for industry.

Let us recall that Novocherkassk Lubricant Materials Plant is part of Group of Companies "Titan". The enterprise start took place on October 1, 2017. Currently, the plant has mastered 7 packaging typesof the product that is consumed by a domestic enterprises operating in metallurgical, petrochemical, mining and oil industry. 

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