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Chinese power engineers inspected the industrial site of GC "Titan"

13 April 2018

On April 11, the delegation of the largest energy corporation PowerChina visited the industrial site and infrastructure facilities of GC "Titan" within the formal visit to Omsk region. Following the results of the visit, a four-party memorandum on co-operation for facility construction on the territory of Omsk region will be signed.

The delegation, which also included representatives of PowerChina subsidiary – SEPCO1, accompanied by Mikhail Sutyaginskiy – the head of GC "Titan", visited the industrial site of the company. During the meeting, the main attention was paid to the power capacities of "Titan" - its own TPP (thermal power plant) with a capacity of 36 MW of electricity and 600 tons of steam per hour.

"In connection with the commissioning of the new production facilities, energy consumption will increase significantly, Mikhail Sutyaginskiy told the guests. "We have an aim to build a new infrastructure that can meet the needs of the industrial site in heat, electricity and steam." He noted that future production facilities of the company, the construction of which is planned for the near future, will require more than 27 MW/h of electricity.

For this purpose, GC "Titan" is working on the investment project for the construction of combined-cycle gas turbine unit with a capacity of 120MW (CCGT Unit-120). Project realization is planned in two trains. "Titan" considers as partners for the construction of first train the Chinese power giant PowerChina and its subsidiary SEPCO1, which implements the construction of power station of various types using the traditional fuel (coal, gas) and alternative energy sources (biomass, photovoltaics, power transmission and transition facilities all around the world.

"The specialists of GC "Titan" considered dozens of companies from Russia, Europe and Asia, who would able to be a partner for the new project, - commented Mikhail Sutyaginskiy. Then we stopped at the company PowerChina, which has many years of experience in this direction, environmentally friendly fuel processing technologies and ability to participate in the organization of the project financing. GC "Titan" has a long-standing partnership relations with Republic of China, and I hope, that we will expand the co-operation directions".

The Chairman of the Board of Directors of SEPCO1 Wang Shoumin emphasized that today we have favorable conditions for Russian-Chinese business interaction:

"Foreign policy situation promotes the deepening of the partnership of China and Russia. Having visited the production site, we have convinced that the company has an elaborated development strategy, projects, which are under the implementation stage and perspective beginnings, which require an additional power capacities. We are able and ready to act as the partner for this project".

Brief information: Chinese national power construction corporation PowerChina is one of the world's largest company in the field of energy. The company has 6 regional branches abroad (in Asia, Africa, Oceania, South America and Europe), and also 116 foreign representative offices in 87 countries.

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