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The head of the region Alexander Burkov highly praised the investment activity of GC "Titan"

9 April 2018

Representatives of the regional authorities headed by the designate governor Alexander Burkov visited the industrial site of GC Titan where a number of large investment projects are currently being implemented.

The head of the region - Alexander Burkov, chief federal inspector Ivan Yevstifeev, deputy prime minister of Omsk region Dmitry Ushakov and heads of the relevant ministries visited the largest enterprise of GC "Titan" – the plant "Omskykauchuk" and became familiarized with the progress of work at the construction site, where a complex of productions of organic synthesis (isopropyl alcohol, epoxy resins and compositions based on them, etc.) is being formed on the basis of the projectof technical re-equipment of phenol-acetone production.

GC "Titan" has already invested more than 1,5bln rubles into the new petrochemical complex, the creation of which is aimed before 2022. The project has received the support of Ministry of Industry and Trade of the RF and Government of Omsk region. The project is carried out with involvement of money from Industrial Development Fund of the RF. Mikhail Sutyaginskiy said that the first step – the technical re-equipment of phenol-acetone production will be completed in 2018. The approval of Industrial Development Fund for granting a soft loan in the amount of 500 mln rubles to implement the next stage – the production of isopropyl alcohol (which is a valuable raw material for households, perfumes, medicine, auto chemicals, etc.) has already been received.

The head of the GC "Titan" highlighted that traditionally in the implementation of investment projects, the company prefers Omsk manufacturers of metal structures, construction and thermal insulation materials,control equipment.

There was also the excursion for guests to the plant "Poliom" (joint venture of GC "Titan", SIBUR and "Gazprom-Neft"). This high-tech enterprise is one of the three largest producers of polypropylene in Russia and is one of the key taxpayers in Omsk region.

The Chairman of the Board of Directors of JSC GC "Titan" cited Omsk polypropylene plant as an example of ecologically responsible approach to production. The delegation also visited infrastructure facilities and agro-industrial site of GC "Titan".

Alexander Burkov highly praised the level of the equipment of the laboratory at feed mill "Pushkinskiy" and proposed using the unique equipment (more than 100 units) for conducting independent examinations of the quality of food and agricultural products.

Designate Governor noted the scale of the industrial site of GC "Titan" and the high level of the existing petrochemical and agro-industrial production facilities. He also gave a positive assessment of the company's investment program, which was presented to the delegation during the visit.

Summarizing the results of the visit, the head of the region noted the success of GC "Titan" in the area of formation and development of petrochemical and agro-biotechnological industrial clusters, which today unite more than 30 enterprises and organizations of Omsk region. "GC "Titan" is a point of attraction to Omsk of a new highly profitable business. The most important thing is that small and medium-sized enterprises can participate in this process. The technological level, the level of business processes deserve the attention and support from the Government. These two clusters will be the points of growth for us inOmsk region ", - summed up Alexander Burkov.

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