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"Poliom" increased the equipment efficiency

2 April 2018

The capacity of high-technology joint venture of GC "Titan" SIBUR and "Gazprom-Neft" reached 25,7 tons of polypropylene in hour that will allow the plant to produce more than 210kt of product per year.

Omsk polypropylene plant received the report and expert report on industrial safety under the project of technical re-equipment of the polypropylene production workshop with assessment of the existing equipment and development of technical solutions to increase the hourly capacity to 25.7 tons. The expert report is registered by the Siberian administration of Federal Service for Environmental, Technological and Nuclear Supervision of Russia. The specialists of "Poliom" confirmed the capacity increase during the test run, which lasted 9 days.

This result has become possible through the implementation of a set of measures aimed at increasing the efficiency of polymerization unit. The project was implemented with the participation of the licensing company Lyondell Basell. Let us recall that "Poliom" reached the capacity of 22.5 tons of product per hour, which corresponds to 180kt per year, in May 2013. By 2017 the enterprise productive capacity was increased to 25 tons per hour. This became possible due to the technical re-equipment, the project of which also passed the expert review according to the established order.

Omsk polypropylene plant enters the list of participants of Petrochemical Industrial Cluster of Omsk region. The enterprise is equipped with the advanced equipment which providessafe and environmentally compliant operation.

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