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GC "Titan" has expanded the range of output products

23 March 2018

In March, "Novocherkassk Lubricant Materials Plant" (part of "Titan" Group of Companies) mastered the production of six new types of lubricants.

New products include lubricants for sealing and packing of screwed joints of casing, tubing, drill and main pipes of any diameter. One of the products is intended for use in the North conditions.

All the new products are import-substituting products, and one of the lubricants - NOVA KR-1, designed to protect the flanges of wheel pairs and rails from wear, has no domestic analogues and is produced only at NLMP. In addition, the developed lubricants are distinguished by a high temperature range of operation (from -50°C to + 180°C), as well as improved adhesion properties and a low coefficient of friction.

It should be added that the lubricants of "NLMP" Ltd. are produced under a unique technology based on waterless welding, which allows to reduce significantly energy costs, without worsening the quality of the finished product. The production process is almost non-wasteful due to a closed cycle of processing. The quality of raw materials and finished products is checked at the own laboratory, equipped with high-quality equipment manufactured in Russia.

In just six months of operation, the enterprise has mastered the production of more than 80 types of products, consumers of which are domestic enterprises of metallurgical, petrochemical, mining and oil industry.

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