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Plant "Omsky kauchuk" familiarizes with one more type of packaging

8 December 2017

In December, the experts of the largest petrochemical enterprise of GC "Titan" will ship a pilot batch of synthetic rubber in corrugated packaging. Further application of this type of packaging will depend on a customer feedback.

Corrugated containers made of the combination board have a maximum load weight of 540 kg: a construction mounted on a timber europallet. Such containers are already used at a number of Russian enterprises that are similar to our plant.

Corrugated containers are suitable for goods transporting by rail and road, they are resistant to external mechanical, temperature and other influences. Packing corrugated board is more economical, easy to recycle and environmentally friendly material for the production of which, in turn, a recyclable materials are used.

Samples of local containers from corrugated board were delivered to the plant "Omskykauchuk" in October 2017. As an experiment, the containers were filled with synthetic rubber briquettes and dead load tests were conducted. After receiving a positive result, a pilot shipment was carried out.

In the near future, a batch of rubber in corrugated containers will be shipped to a local consumers. A decision on the further use of such packaging will be made based on customer feedback on the test results.

The plant "Omskykauchuk" uses several types of packaging for synthetic rubber shipment, including wooden boxes, polymer containers from 2014 and metal reusable containers from 2015.

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