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"Novocherkassk Lubricant Materials Plant" has prepared for launch the oil production unit

15 November 2017

Works on repurposing of part of the equipment for the oil production have been completed at "NLMP" Ltd. (the part of GC "Titan").

This area was previously targeted at lubricating-cooling fluids output and was not involved in the production. The new unit, consisting of 4 jacketed mixers, fusing heat carrier assembly and packing assembly, provides the production of up to 400 tons of product per month. The equipment for the workshop complete set is manufactured in Russia. The range will include hydraulic, industrial, motor, transmission, refrigerator and other oils.

At present, the company is purchasing the necessary raw material – base oil and additives. The suppliers are the enterprises of the largest Russian refiners: "Gazprom", "Lukoil" and "Rosneft". Additional components are also purchased primary from Russian producers.

The oil production unit will be put into operation before the end of November, 2017.

Let us recall that "Novocherkassk Lubricant Materials Plant" was commissioned on 1 October, 2017. According to the results of 1,5 months of work, the production output of lubricant materials was about 600 tons. The first consumers of the new plant products were local enterprises operating in the metallurgical, petrochemical, mining and oil industry and others.

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