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"Novocherkassk Lubricant Materials Plant" shipped the first batch of the product

31 October 2017

The production start was of 1 October of 2017. For the first month of operation, the enterprise produced more than 400 tons of products in accordance with the production plan.

Up to date the planthas mastered 14 types of lubricants. Among them are general-purpose lubricants and specialized ones – industrial, instrumental, lubricants for railways, metallurgical industries, mining and oil-and-gas producing industries. The presented range also includes 4 types of import-substituting lubricants created according to special recipes and conforming to DIN 51-502 standards (the standard that establishes a single system for identifying lubricants and serves for the identification of lubricants, containers, lubricating devices and lubrication points).

For example, a special high-temperature lubricant TITAN KSK 221, made on the basis of a complex sulfonate-calcium bodying agent, mineral oil and a package of highly effective additives, improves the operational properties ofa machinery.It has an excellent lubricating properties and is able to work at high mechanical loads and frequent contact with water, including sea water. The lubricant is used in metallurgical, mining, agricultural, construction and other industries.

The suppliers of the main raw material (base mineral oil) are the enterprises of the largest Russian refiners: "Gazprom", "Lukoil" and "Rosneft". Additional components used in the production of lubricants are also purchased primarily from Russian manufacturers.

Finished product shipments have already been performed: primarily consumers received general-purpose lubricants. Packaging of lubricants is carried out according to the requirements of customers:in intermediate bulk containers, barrels, buckets or cans.

Lubricants of "NLMP" Ltd. are produced under a unique technology based on waterless welding which allows significant reduction of energy costs without worsening the finished product quality.The production process is almost non-waste due to a closed processing cycle. The quality of raw materials and finished product is checked in own laboratory fitted with high-quality equipment of Russian production.

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