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The best automobilists were awarded in "Titan"

30 October 2017

On the eve of the professional holiday – "Automobilist Day", 24 employees of "INVESTHIMPROM" Ltd. were awarded honorary certificates from the Ministry of Industry, Transport and Innovative Technologies of Omsk region as well as corporate awards.

The awarding of the best drivers was preceded by the annual competition of professional skills which has been changed in 2017: loading machines drivers also competed in driving skills in addition to car drivers.

The competition started simultaneously for both groups of participant. At one site car drivers started with demonstrating the art of figure driving and proper car parking and then performed road traffic regulations tests. Loading machine drivers had competitions of a different nature. They had to overcome the distance with a palletized load and show accuracy: a nail was fixed on a small pallet and participants had to put this nail into a specially prepared hole of 2 cm in diameter. Another spectacular innovation was a performance of a road-building machinery drivers who showed a truly precise control technology of a large-tonnage digger. The masters were able to take off with a bucket a helmet from one stave and put it on another and even to close a matchbox with the bucket!

"The number of participants has increased this year in three times. The interest is caused by the fact that the drivers were able to show their skills and proficiency to drive a vehicle. To increase the visual appeal we also decided to demonstrate the professionality of road-building machinery drivers ", told Ivan Kursakov, the head of automobile transport operation department of "INVESTHIMPROM" Ltd.

Valeriy Boyko, the General Director of GC "Titan" JSC took part in the awarding of the best drivers. Five people received honorary certificates from the Ministry of Industry, Transport and Innovative Technologies of Omsk Region. Another 19 employees of "INVESTHIMPROM" Ltd. were awarded corporate awards. 

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