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Goal-oriented programs

For a few years “Group of Companies “Titan”, CJSC, has been realizing programs aimed at creating conditions of social protection workers and supporting stability and positive psychological climate in the collective. The main directions of social programs for industrial organizations reflected in the collective agreements concluded between the administration and trade union committees of the enterprises of the group of companies. These agreements in accordance with existing legislation pointed out guaranties and social privileges in the sphere of remuneration of labour, conditions of operating time and leisure time, protection of labor and health and legal assistance and also defense of social and economy interests of youth and creating conditions for development of cultural, sports and sanitary work among the masses.

Housing program.
The company takes part in solving housing problems of its employees. It is partly compensated charges for living for invited high-qualified specialists.

Medical care and programs for assistance to healthy life-style.
Creating a healthy state and organizing rest for the staff is the important components of the social policy of the company. The program for health protection of the labor foresees aiding qualified medical care; it is aimed at lowering sickness rate and conducting treatment and recovery, elimination of professional diseases. Workers are provided with modern medical treatment from hospital. Financing of this program is realized also using free-will medical insurance.

Employees of the company take rest and get sanatorium-preventing treatment in the sanatorium-preventorium “Khimic”. Special attention is paid to the treatment of children. For children of the company workers there is child’s sanitary all-the-year-round camp “Khimic” in the Krasnoyarka area of Omsk region. It is conducted prior and periodical medical examinations on the enterprise for the purpose of dynamic worker’s health observation, opportunely carrying out preventing and rehabilitation actions aimed on saving health and recovering employee’s ability to work.

Preliminary and periodical medical examinations which will provide dynamical observation of employees` health and timely conduct of prophylactic and rehabilitation activities are aimed at protection and recovery of working ability.

Feeding of the workers is organized on the production platforms of the enterprises of the company. There are five dining-halls and one of them is twenty-four-hour. Also there is confectioner's shop which is included into the catering industrial complex. Medical and preventing nutrition is being realized with the help of rational diets; this nutrition is aimed at the prevention of injurious effects of chemical, physical and biological factors on the human organism.

Permanently working employees of the enterprises get monthly grant on nourishment.
On the territory of the company there are stores that provide workers with goods of first priority. All the staff of the enterprises of the “Group of Companies “Titan”, CJSC, gets to work and returns on the corporative transport (by the routes where public conveyances are absent). On the personal and leasehold sport grounds sports and athletics meetings and competitions in different team and personnel kinds of sport are conducted annually. The hockey team “Titan” has been taking part in the games of the Omsk Amateur Hockey League since 2003.

Youth organization.
More than 6000 people work on the enterprises of the “Group of Companies “Titan”, CJSC. Middle age of employees is 41,1 years and one third of them are young people under the 35 years old. Collective of the enterprise is annually widened with graduates of Omsk State University, Omsk State Technical University, and Omsk Chemical-Mechanical College, Omsk Industrial Economical College, Trade schools №20, №3 and №48. For many years the company has been patronizing Trade school №20 providing learning devices and equipment for laboratories and donating chemicals. Students are accepted on the production practice every year.

All the young workers are consolidated by the instructor and it helps them to adapt faster to production. Youth committees and commissions formed on the enterprises for the propose of involving boys and girls in active production and public activity and solving problems of young families. Principal contract training specialists with high professional education and professional retraining on operating professions is realized at the expense of the company in Omsk Educational institution. Employees who came back to the company after military duty get special financing. Annually professional skill competition are put into practice in the company and also camping, sport and entertaining activities take place.

Pensioners` social protection program.
The company never ignores its former workers. Veteran council is of interest of more than 1500 pensioners and daily cooperates with them. Every year the company traditionally congratulates veterans with the Victory Day, Day of Elders, professional holiday “Chemist Day” and with personal anniversaries.

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