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Stockholders meeting

Superior authority

Board of directors

Elected annually by the stockholders meeting


Mikhail Sutyaginsky

Chairman of the board of directors of JSC “Group of Companies “Titan”

Born on January 1, 1962. Since 1979 has been living and working in Omsk. Education: Omsk Institute of Railroad Transport Engineers (1984); Moscow State University of Economy, Statistics and Informatics (2000).

Began his labor activity on Omsk petroleum refinery. In 1989 created youth center “Titan”, which evolved into powerful Group of Companies “Titan”. The company became a leader on regional and Russian petrochemical markets.

Since 2010 has been the head of the federal project “PARK: Industrial-Agricultural Regional Clusters”.

For professional and charitable activity was given various awards, including medal of Saint Seraphim Sarovsky, I-st Degree, for the help in revival of Cathedral of the Holy Dormition of the City of Omsk; was given national prize of Russia “Business-Olympus”; Diploma of All-Russian Congress “The State and Socially Responsible Business”; national prize of Minin and Pozharsky “For Worthy Deeds — Grateful Russia” etc.

In March 2007 was elected deputy of Legislative Assembly of Omsk region.

Since 2007 to 2011 – deputy of State Duma of Federal Assembly of Russian Federation of the Y convocation, member of the Committee on Economic Policy and Entrepreneurship.

Nowadays he is a president of non-commercial partnership “Center of Innovations”, chairman of the board of directors of CJSC “Group of Companies “Titan”. 


Joint executive office 


Valeriy Boyko

Director General,
Chairman of the Board of JSC “GC “Titan”.

Born April 8, 1958

Since 1977 to 1979 served in the Soviet Army.

In 1985 graduated from Tselinogradsky Agricultural Institute on speciality “Electrification of Agriculture”, received qualification “Engineer-Electrician” (first class degree).

In 2007 graduated from Russian Academy of Government Service at the President of Russian Federation on speciality “Governmental and Municipal Management”, received qualification “Manager”.

Started his labor activity in 1982 in municipal residential management of the city of Tselinograd, where he had been working till 1994. Here he passed a path from a regular employee to the administrator of thrust of residential enterprise. Then, during the period from 1994 to 1997, was working in MUP “Housing and Communal Servicing” of the city of Omsk, where he occupied position of chief engineer, director.

In 1998 – First Deputy Director of municipal administration “Management of Improvement and Housing and Communal Maintenance of the city of Omsk”. Since 

1998 to 2001 was working in the Administration of the city of Omsk, where he occupied position of Deputy Director of Department – Head of Department of Development of Heat and Power Engineering, Plumbing, Gas Economy and New Technologies of Department of Management of Life Support of the City of Omsk; First Deputy and Deputy Director of Department of Municipal Services of Administration of the City of Omsk.

In 2003 appointed the Head of the Central office of Housing and Communal Complex of Omsk Region.

In 2004 appointed Minister of Construction and Housing and Communal Complex of Omsk Region.

Since 2005 to 2009 - Deputy Chairman of the Government of Omsk Region, Minister of Construction and Housing and Communal Complex of Omsk Region.

Since 2009 to 2012 – First Deputy Chairman of the Government of Omsk Region. In 
July 2012 elected Director General of JSC “GC “Titan”. 

Was given honorary badges “Honorary Worker of Housing and Communal Economy of Russia” (2006), “Honorary Builder of Russia” (2006), “Distinguished Builder of Omsk Region” (2008).


Andrey Gofman 

Director of Marketing Department  

Member of Board of Directors of JSC "GC "Titan".

Born on January 1, 1988.

In 2010 graduated Omsk State University named after F.M. Dostoevsky, faculty of international business with specialization in "Marketing management at enterprise".

In 2014 – full-time postgraduate study with specialization in "Economy and management of the national economy".

In 2016 - Presidential program of management training. Graduation work is recognized as the "Best Regional Project".

His professional life began on 2009 as an intern in GC "Titan" JSC.

Since 2010 he has been working in the Marketing Department of GC "Titan" as project manager, since 2012 as the head of project team. 

Since 2016 he is the Director of Marketing Department of GC "Titan" JSC. 


Jury Zhigadlo

Deputy Director General on Material and Technical Supply,
Member of the Board of JSC “GC “Titan”.

Born 01 June 1961.

After studying in GPTU-56 and service in the Soviet Army in 1982, started working as a mechanic on Omsk Synthetic Rubber Plant.

Since 1988 to 1992 was studying in Siberian Socio-Political Institute, upon graduation returned to the plant into material and technical supply department.

Since February 1998 has been working in supply service of the company “Titan” – Head of Supply Department, Deputy Commercial Director on Supply, Director of Material and Technical Supply Department.

Since April 2007 – Deputy Director General on Material and Technical Supply of JSC “GC “Titan”. 

Sergey Pismichenko

Temporary Alternate of Director General on Commerce, Director of Sales Department,
Member of Board of Directors of «GK «Titan» JSC.

Born on the 8th of November 1963.

His professional life began on 1980 at the factory of Odessa, titled «Neptun».

Having graduated from Order of People's Friendship of Commercial Aviation Flight School, 1984 - 1994 he worked as a pilot of Mi-8 helicopter in Tobolsk united air group, a first – class pilot. 
1997 - 2000 he worked as a Marketing Manager, Chief Commercial Director, Deputy Director Manager on Marketing, Sales and Distribution of «Tobolsk Fuel and Petrochemical Refiner» JSC. 
On June 2000 he was employed to «Titan» by Chief Commercial Director. On January 2006 he was appointed as a Director of Sales Department of «GK «Titan» CJSC. 
In 2001 he obtained a higher education in Novosibirsk Academy of Water Transport with a specialization in «Economics and Company Management». 
From September 2012 - Temporary Alternate of Director General on Commerce of «GK «Titan» JSC.

Valentina Prilepskaya

Director of Economic Affairs,
Member of the Board of Directors of «GK «Titan» JSC.

Born on the 14th of June 1981. 

In 2003 she graduated from Omsk State Transport University. 

Her professional life began on 2001 in «Financial holding «Alliance» JSC. 

In 2004 she worked as a Deputy Director General on Economics and External Economic Relations in «International Academic Center «New Health Technology» LLC. 

Since 2005 has been working in «GK «Titan» JSC (Chief Economist of Planning Department, Head of Business Management and Investment Planning Department). 

Since 2012 – Director of Economic Affairs.

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