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Separate Subdivision of “Titan-Agro” Ltd. “Pig Breeding Complex Petrovsky”


Pig Breeding complex «Petrovsky» (Svinovodchesky Komplex «Petrovsky») includes a pig breeding complex for 4800 productive sows with full production cycle and a pedigree farm for 770 productive sows with full production cycle.

Commercial pig breeding complex was built by the «multi-site» system and consists of four sites:

  • 1 – reproducer;
  • 2 – growing farm;
  • 3, 4 – fattening farm.

Pedigree farm was built by the single-site schema. It consists of reproducer, piglet growing sections, repair sows growing and fattening, quarantine.

The technology allows detached keeping of each group of pigs, rhythmic production cycle, manufacturing of quality products.

Pedigree livestock: Hermitage Genetics (Ireland)

Capacity: 100 thousand head/year (11 kt/year).

Equipment of the company Big Dutchman (Germany) allows to ensure high standards of hygiene in an animal keeping zone. The automated feeding system makes it possible to provide animals with the necessary scope of full-fat feeds efficiently, proportionally and hygienically.

Pig breeding complex «Petrovsky» was assigned IV compartment – the highest degree of biological protection.

The enterprise lies on the territory of ca. 3000 ha within borders of Petrovsky Rural Settlement of Omsk District, Omsk Region.

Number of working places: 220.


Director of the separate division of "Titan-Agro" Ltd. "Pig Breeding Complex Petrovsky" – Kopyov Alexander Alexandrovich    
Contact Information:
Address:Krasnoyarsky tract, 40/1, village Pushkino, Omsky district, Omsk region, 644035
Phone / Fax:+7(3812)21-79-49 

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Contact Information:
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