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Mixed Fodder Plant “Pushkinsky” (Kombikormovy Zavod “Pushkinsky”), detached subdivision of “Titan-Agro” Ltd.


Feed mill «Pushkinsky» was put into operation in 2015.

Capacity: up to 125 kt of mixed fodders a year.

The enterprise is equipped with the up-to-date equipmentof Swiss company Buhler. Such equipment, in combination with modern technology, allows the production of feed of all kinds: in loose form, granulated form and in the form of grains from granules. The possibilities of process lines ensure the development of various formulations, including starter and pre-starter feeds.

More than 100 units of high-quality and modern equipment were installedin the laboratories of the Feed mill «Pushkinsky» that allow to control the quality of products and incoming raw materials (grain, protein, mineral, premixes, etc.) at all production stages.

In 2016 the compound feed produced by «Titan-Agro» Ltd. became the winner of the federal stage of the contest «100 best goods of Russia» in the nomination «Food commodities».

Number of working places: more than 180.

Director of detached subdivision of “Titan-Agro” Ltd. “Mixed Fodder Plant Pushkinsky” – Zhidik Sergey Valentinovich.  
Contact Information:
Address:Krasnoyarsky tract, 40/1, village Pushkino, Omsky district, Omsk region, 644035
Phone / Fax:+7 (3812) 21-79-49

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Contact Information:
Phones: +7 (3812) 29-95-55, 35-69-31
Fax: +7 (3812) 35-69-32
Address: 644035, Russia, Omsk 22, Gubkin str.
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