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Novocherkassk plant of the lubricants


The basis of the production capacity of "Novocherkassk Lubricant Materials Plant" Ltd. ("NLMP" Ltd.) is the technological units for the production of lubricants and lubricating-cooling fluids for various industries: machine engineering, metallurgy, instrument engineering, automobile and railway transport, metal working and also defense complex. Semi-continuous and continuous process schemes are used during the product output which makes it possible to fulfil orders with a volume more than 12 000 tpa.

The plant operates with a unique technology based on waterless welding which allows significant reduction of energy costs without worsening the finished product quality.

The production process is almost non-waste due to the closed processing cycle.

The quality of products is the key factor in operation of "NLMP" Ltd. Quality control at each production stage is carried out by Technical Control Department of the production testing laboratory which has all the necessary modern equipment.

The center of research work is the experimental-industrial laboratory whose activity is aimed at creating a new products and efficient production technologies.

The range of output include products based on petroleum and synthetic oils – engine, transmission, hydraulic oils; grease lubricants; lubricant materials; lubricating-cooling fluids; parting fluids; friction modifiers and components of drill fluids.

Number of job places is more than 70

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General Director of "Novocherkassk Lubricant Materials Plant" Ltd. – Kostyuk Igor Nikolaevich
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Address:346413, Rostov region, Novocherkassk, 1B, Kharkovskoye highway шоссе, 1В
Phone / Fax:+7 (8635) 21-22-54 ( Novocherkassk ) / +7 (495) 627-72-82/ Fax: +7 (495) 627-72-84 (Moscow) 627-72-84


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